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  • 12 Benefits of Biodynamic

    In summer 2024, the world celebrates a monumental milestone in sustainable agriculture: the centenary of biodynamics. Originating in 1924 from the visionary teachings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, biodynamic farming has evolved from a pioneering movement into a globally recognised and influential approach that integrates ecological, ethical, and spiritual principles.

  • Discover Planet Score - the environmental label showing the impact of our food purchases

    A new label started popping up on some of our favourite food items lately. It's called the Planet Score, and it's been a hit across Europe for its ability to show shoppers the environmental impact of their food choices. It just started appearing on UK products too! Why not take a closer look and discover what it's all about?

  • Clearspring Launches Five New Condiments

    Clearspring , the authentic Japanese and organic fine foods specialist, has added five delicious new condiments to its offering: Organic Shichimi, Organic Irigoma Whole Sesame and Black Sesame, and Organic Gomashio Whole Sesame and Black Sesame flavour.

  • Benefits of organic honey

    5 Reasons to Embrace Nature's Sweet Gift

  • Dangers of pesticides used in urban areas and why councils should go pesticide-free

    Pesticides are commonly used in urban areas to control pests, but they can also pose a number of health risks to humans and the environment.

  • Exciting Facts About Organic Dried Apricots

    Unlike their more familiar orange counterparts, organic dried apricots boast a natural brown coloration, signifying their pure and unadulterated nature.

  • Skincare: Two Ingredients to Avoid and Why

    As consumers increasingly prioritise health-conscious choices, understanding the potential risks associated with common skincare ingredients becomes paramount. From the ubiquitous presence of phthalates to the once-ubiquitous 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor (MBC), and the controversial use of oxybenzone, this article sheds light on the concerning impact these chemicals can have on both human health and the environment.

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