Children's books about nature

Reading books about nature and its beauty is a wonderful way to cultivate a deep connection with the natural world in children.

Children's books about nature

National Trust: Out and About Minibeast Explorer

The book is ideal for any budding wildlife explorers, and encourages children to get outside and spot minibeasts in the wild!

It is packed with fun activities and useful information about how to identify minibeasts whilst out and about, whether in a garden or adventuring further afield. Written by Robyn Swift in consultation with experts from the National Trust and featuring gorgeous illustrations by Hannah Alice.

Questions and Answers About Nature

Why do spiders make webs? Where do clouds come from? And how many leaves does a tree have? Inquisitive young children can discover the answers to these questions and many more in this beautifully illustrated information book, containing over 60 flaps to lift. A fascinating introduction to the natural world.

Katie has been writing non-fiction children's books for almost half her life and loves questioning the world from a child's point of view.

A Worm Called Wallace

An entertaining introduction to biology that will teach children the importance of worms and soil in our eco system.

Under the soil, under the surface, there lived a lowly worm called Wallace. One day he cried: “My world is dark and my life is no good, I’ve never seen the sun and all I eat is mud!” Wallace cried and Wallace sighed until from the dark a wise voice replied... That voice would change Wallace’s perspective forever!

This book comes with detailed illustrations to teach children about the natural world.

The Magic and Mystery of Trees

From the highest branch and leaf down to the complex "wood wide web" of roots, it's no wonder every part of a tree plays an important role in its own growth and the habitat of the whole forest or woodland. The Magic & Mystery of Trees is a nature book that takes children on a fascinating journey of exploration, showing them just how special these mighty organisms are.

Did you know that trees can communicate with each other and warn each other predators? Or that they can record the past, and anticipate the future to ensure their survival? Dive deep into the pages of this nature book for kids to discover exactly how trees nurture their networks, and explore extraordinary trees from all around the world.

Tree Full of Wonder

Have you ever wondered why trees are important? Why do we need to protect them?

Tree Full of Wonder is a vibrant, rhyming, educational and unique picture book showing the unbreakable bond between people and trees. For children ages 3-8. Kids will fall in love with nature and will become Protectors of the Trees.

Mindful stories for kids create a brighter and calmer future, one child at a time.

The Mysteries of the Universe

Get ready to explore fun facts and exciting new scientific discoveries as this best-selling picture book will illuminate imaginations and spark curious minds to explore the vastness of space. The engaging storybook-style descriptions and simple text shed a light on facts, myths, and key discoveries about the universe, perfect for children aged 6-8 to explore the wonders of our solar system and beyond.

Travel to the furthest reaches of the Universe and visit 100 remarkable objects along the way with this stunning space book for curious kids aged 6-8.

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