Daylesford's Future of Food Series

For this year's Organic September, Daylesford are running a ‘Future of Food’ series where they have been bringing insightful interviews with thought leaders in the food, ecology and agriculture industries.

Daylesford's Future of Food Series

Photo courtesy of Daylesford

Daylesford invited some leading figures to discuss British food, farming, the health of our nation and of course, the impact of choosing organic. In part one of the series, Tim Field, Daylesford's resident environmental scientist spoke with Henry Dimbleby, founder of Leon restaurants and The Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Tim spoke with Henry about the National Food Strategy and the impact of the pandemic has had on our food systems. They also discussed the solutions to the issues the food system faces, looking specifically at the organic movement, the issue of food waste and finally Henry’s advice on how we can each embrace a more sustainable way of life.

One of the conclusions they reached was the positive effect of eating more vegetables and less, but better quality, meat. Tim summed up the conversation by saying about Henry, "He was absolutely on point and in 20 minutes gave a great perspective of our movement."


About Daylesford...

Daylesford are committed to organic farming: they believe that it is better for us, our animals, the environment, and of course it always tastes better. All of their food comes straight from their farms and when they don’t make a product on our farm, they source from artisan suppliers who share their commitment to quality and sustainability, and who produce items to Daylesford recipes.

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