Discover Planet Score - the environmental label showing the impact of our food purchases

A new label started popping up on some of our favourite food items lately. It's called the Planet Score, and it's been a hit across Europe for its ability to show shoppers the environmental impact of their food choices. It just started appearing on UK products too! Why not take a closer look and discover what it's all about?

Discover Planet Score - the environmental label showing the impact of our food purchases

Planet Score, an environmental label making waves across 30 countries in Europe, has won over the hearts of over 300 brands. It started appearing in the UK and the first brand to adopt it was Realfoods by Organico with products mostly scoring an impressive triple A!

Now, more and more organisations are consideringits adoption, seeing its potential to support consumers seeking to make mindful choices at the checkout.

On the label, you'll find scores for three key factors: pesticides, biodiversity, and climate change. Additionally, details on breeding methods and animal welfare are displayed whenever pertinent.

Planet Score is currently adopted by organic and non-organic brands, by organisations wanting to be transparent with their consumers and also seeking to improve their score!

Exploring Planet-score: A Step Towards Sustainable Consumption

In today's world, where environmental awareness is not merely commendable but imperative, the introduction of Planet-score marks a significant stride in steering consumer decisions towards sustainability. Planet-score stands as an innovative environmental rating system, evaluating the ecological impact of food products and offering valuable insights into their effect on our planet.

Origins of Planet-score

Born from the robust ADEME’s Agribalyse database, Planet-score embodies scientific rigour and transparency. It meticulously evaluates the environmental footprint of food items throughout their life cycle, encompassing aspects like production, packaging, and transportation. Its methodology is based on Planet Boundaries taking into account 25 indicators. This method ensures that consumers aren't just making choices but actively participating in a broader movement towards ecological preservation.

Understanding the Label

The Planet-score label, prominently displayed on product packaging, e-commerce platforms, and apps, acts as a guiding light for eco-conscious consumption. It distils complex environmental data into an easily understandable format, empowering consumers to make choices that resonate with their values. Its visibility serves as a constant reminder of our collective responsibility to tread lightly on the earth. And it fights against greenwashing!

A Transition Towards Credibility

More than just a rating, the Planet-score presents a vision for a sustainable future. It reflects a credible shift in our dietary habits, aligning with European initiatives promoting a sustainable food supply. By selecting products with favourable Planet-scores, consumers actively contribute to a desirable and achievable transformation in our food systems.

Holistic Environmental Evaluation

What distinguishes Planet-score is its comprehensive approach to environmental assessment. It considers factors like biodiversity, pesticide usage, climate impact, and farming practices. This multifaceted evaluation addresses the urgent environmental challenges of our era, spanning from biodiversity loss to climate change and beyond.

Partnership for a Greener Tomorrow

The development of Planet-score owes much to the collaboration among environmental NGOs, consumer associations, and various stakeholders. Their combined expertise ensures that Planet-score remains a reliable and adaptable tool, evolving alongside our understanding of environmental and societal concerns.

In Conclusion

Planet-score transcends being a mere label; it serves as a compass guiding us towards a greener future. As consumers, our purchasing choices wield significant influence. By favouring products with positive Planet-scores, we stimulate demand for sustainable practices and contribute to the well-being of our planet. Let Planet-score be your guide in making choices that benefit both yourself and the Earth.

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