Easy sweet organic swap

Whether you're new to organic or are looking for inspiration, a small swap can make a big difference!⁠

Easy sweet organic swap

Organic Chocolate

Alter Eco Organic Chocolate

Alter Eco have been making a big difference for over 20 years. They have championed the environment and small producers from the start, and they always will. All their chocolate comes from the purest organic ingredients and is sourced in the fairest way possible. It’s eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, Fair Trade and more.

Image above: Alter Eco organic chocolate range

Green & Black's Organic Chocolate

Green & Black’s was founded in London in 1991, by husband and wife, Craig Sams and Jo Fairley. Craig was the organic pioneer, opening Britain’s first natural food shop in 1969. Upon his quest for organic peanuts, he came across what was soon to be Green & Black’s - organic cocoa. He commissioned a sample of chocolate with 70% cocoa, real vanilla, and most importantly it was organic. The first of its kind in the UK. As a journalist, Jo knew this chocolate had to be taken to market.

Image on the right: Green & Black's Tasting Collection

Organic Biscuits

Doves Farm Organic Biscuits

Founded by Clare and Michael Marriage in 1978, Doves Farm is a 100% family-owned British miller and organic food producer based in the Wiltshire countryside.⁠

Today Doves Farm are UK’s number 1 organic flour brand, they specialise in organic grains and flour and they offer everything the discerning home baker might need under one roof, from organic, speciality and heritage flour to key baking essentials such as yeast. They also produce delicious organic biscuits with their wholemeal flour, and now a NEW range of organic breakfast cereals.⁠

Mr. Organic Organic Biscuits

Mr Organic was formed on the bonds of great friendship, by three friends who realised switching to Organic agriculture would result in better taste, better health and a better environment.. Grown on their own farm in Italy, cooked to perfection and packaged fresh, to be enjoyed at everyone’s table.

Year after year Mr.Organic have carefully grown their range, working with the very best, most ethical organic suppliers with a single goal – to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits of an organic lifestyle.

Organic Dry Fruits

Crazy Jack Organic Dry Fruits

Crazy Jack began over twenty years ago, with the belief that food should be grown as nature intended. Fast forward to now, these beliefs are stronger than ever, and they continue to produce a range of organic dried fruits, nuts and seeds… sourced from some of the finest organic farmers around the world. ⁠

⁠Grown only as nature intended, each ingredient is wholesome, delicious and never contains preservatives – making the ideal option whether baking, snacking, cooking or even sprinkling on your breakfast! ⁠ Supporting organic and @crazyjackorganic ’s mission, means you won’t only be eating delicious food, but you’ll also be caring for the planet and supporting wildlife. ⁠

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