Exciting Facts About Organic Dried Apricots

Unlike their more familiar orange counterparts, organic dried apricots boast a natural brown coloration, signifying their pure and unadulterated nature.

Exciting Facts About Organic Dried Apricots

Here are five reasons we love organic dried apricots:

1. They’re naturally dark. You may have noticed our organic dried apricots are actually brown in colour – but don’t worry it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them. In fact, it means there’s something very right with them! Organic dried apricots are brown, rather than the more recognisable orange, as they have been grown as nature intended and do not include any Sulphur dioxide – the preservative added to turn them orange.

Fins out more about organic dried apricots from Crazy Jack here.

2. They’re 100% natural. Organic dried apricots contain no artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings – so not only does that mean no nasties, we believe organic dried apricots taste even more delicious too!

3. They’re good for you. There are many health benefits to eating dried apricots. Organic dried apricots are a source of fibre and iron, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. They’re also low in fat, low in salt and a good source of antioxidants too.

4. They count as one of your five a day. That’s right. Snacking on just three dried apricots counts as 1 of your 5 a day! Each 40g snack pack also contains just 70 calories, so are a great choice for snacking at your desk or when out for walks.

5. They’re versatile. Whether it’s for cakes and bakes, or savoury dishes too, dried apricots can be used in a whole host of dishes, as well as for snacking.

Information source and image credit: Crazy Jack Organic

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