Go organic, and then a step further!

Biona and Pip Organic - two organic brands who are looking to the future and taking an extra step to make a better world for the next generation.

Go organic, and then a step further!

Images courtesy of Biona and Pip Organic

Little Foodies from Biona

Biona Organic launched their ‘Little Foodies’ campaign during Organic September – an initiative aimed at Key Stage 1 children & their parents. The aim is to educate the next generation about organic food and the place it plays in the wider environmental conversation. Born from the original Biona Organic story - Founders Noel and Donata taught their daughters, Amy & Elisa, about organic food and both now play a huge role in the day-to-day running and growth of the Biona brand.

The ‘Little Foodies’ content hub is where Biona aim to educate the next generation about the importance of organic for both your health and the planet. The space features fun downloadable activities including, puzzles, animations and recipes to support parents in teaching their kids about organic.

In addition to this, Biona are supporting Chefs In Schools as their first charity partner for this campaign, a charity aiming to improve the health of children by offering training, support and education to transform school food, food culture and food education by providing schools with everything they need to help the next generation understand the importance of a good healthy diet. They committed to donating 10% of their online sales throughout Organic September to Chefs In Schools, plus they matched any donations made directly through the Chefs in Schools charity page.


About Biona

Over 35 years ago Biona Organic were one of the first pioneers of the organic food movement, and to this day, they are still family run and championing organic produce. At Biona they believe in great tasting, thoughtfully prepared food to complement an ethical lifestyle. Today the Biona family are proud to bring more than 400 organic products to lovers of good food.

Biona Organic believes that healthy food has its roots in healthy soil, which is why they pride themselves on the complete traceability of every single product, knowing that all of their ingredients are of the highest standard and completely natural.

Pip Organic launches fully recyclable straw

Award-winning organic food and drink company Pip Organic is the first UK juice and smoothie brand to launch a fully recyclable, bendable paper straw, currently being rolled out across its entire range of 100% organic drinks cartons for kids.

With a ban on plastic straws imminent in 2021 in line with government legislation, Pip Organic is ahead of the game with its sustainable solution to the traditional plastic straw, trialling a paper version in February 2020 that bends just like its plastic counterpart. Now in full roll out with over one million packs produced through September, the brand is helping to take millions of plastic straws out of circulation before next year's deadline.

“We are seeing continued requests from retail and hospitality operators for products that offer a sustainable solution, as well as being healthy and nutritious,” says Karen O’Neill, co-founder of Pip Organic. "We have trialled hundreds of straws for over two years with the aim of launching a paper straw that is not only sustainable but child-friendly too. We are absolutely thrilled to be the first juice and smoothie brand in the UK to launch a bendable paper straw but ultimately, we hope that other brands will follow suit and we are now in the process of sharing our information with producers so that it is available to the wider drinks market."

The addition of the paper straw is just one part of Pip Organic’s wider mission to continually improve upon its offer. “It’s these innovations that will push the industry to keep putting sustainability at the top of the agenda, because that certainly is the case for the majority of consumers.” concludes O’Neill.

About Pip Organic

Known for its ‘no compromise’ approach to nutritious, yet delicious food and drink, Pip Organic has won numerous Great Taste Awards and is recognised as a Great Taste Producer. The brand was founded by husband and wife team Patrick and Karen, who strongly believe that families shouldn’t have to compromise on great taste for healthy, organic food and drink. “There’s no room for anything artificial in our products – we work with expert organic farmers to select the best produce that is as tasty as it is nutritious,” continues O’Neill. “That’s what makes Pip Organic special.”

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