Green Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring brings more daylight to our lives and homes, but it also means we can see more places in our houses and gardens which need our attention. Dust, spots, name it!

Green Spring Cleaning Tips

Image courtesy of Organic Arable.

While we might think that we need some strong chemicals to help us to spring clean, there are some great, eco-friendly products available, and some cleaning might not require any products at all!

Letting the fresh air in

With wonderful, Spring weather outside, you might want to open windows and doors, rather than using artificially fragranced candles and air-fresheners to achieve a feeling of freshness in the house.

Using eco-friendly cleaning products for surfaces

Pay attention to ingredients listed on the back of the packaging and give preference to products, which contain plant-based and certified ingredients. You might want to explore the cleaning range from Sodasan and Greenscents.

Both brands have ranges which include products for dishwashing, multi-surface cleaning as well as laundry products.

Sodasan offers a range of eco-friendly and ecologically sound cleaning products which includes laundry detergents, household cleaning and dishwashing products. The complete range of Sodasan cleaning products are certified Vegan, certified by Eco guarantee as well as being certified by Ecocert.

Greenscents offers certified organic cleaning & laundry products to customers in the UK and across the world. Their ethos is uncompromising: to provide the most natural and sustainable household range possible with all the benefits of a certified collection.


This is a great step to cleaning up your house, garden, and your mind! You can start small and do one corner of your house or garden, or even one cupboard at a time. Alternatively, you can dedicate a weekend to do the whole space. Whatever you choose to do, even small steps count - the main thing here is to make a start!

Re-using your tools

This step starts with a choice of your tools - good quality gloves, cloths and garden tools. Choose products which are made from reliable materials that will last you for years. Think about buying less but better!

These simple steps can make a big difference when Spring cleaning your home and garden.

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