Hero Stories - Mr Organic

Mr Organic believes in a more conscious and organic way of living, to leave the planet in a better way than we found it, for generations to come. Everyone is invited to get involved, get creative, think fresh and make positive little steps towards a delicious, exciting future.

Hero Stories - Mr Organic

Photo courtesy of Mr Organic

With growing consumer understanding of the environmental benefits of organic production methods and vegan produce, Mr Organic is working to not just to spread this awareness through its range of products, but to advocate for the adoption of a holistically organic way of life through its actions, beliefs, and the ways it gives back.

They produce over 60% of their product portfolio made using sun-ripened organic tomatoes grown on their own farm in Italy, which is located a few miles from their solar powered production site, so they can ensure the flavour and freshness of the produce is fully intact. By having their fields situated next to the factory in which the tomatoes are grown they are reducing carbon emissions. As well innovative agricultural systems are used; using drones they can check the status of the fields and know exactly when and where within the fields water is needed, this in turn preserving the amount of water and energy used. The health of the eco-system is at the forefront of everything Mr Organic aims to achieve; they are forever seeking new innovative ways to protect our environments, as well as educating consumers on the benefits of eating and living organically.

The brand, now stocked in Waitrose, on Ocado and remains Abel & Cole’s long-time partner, has grown over the past 12 years, producing 100% Organic produce with an aim to provide consumers with ethical Organic Store Cupboard products. By planting the seeds of a more conscious living and working to raise an organic culture, Mr Organic has made it easier than ever to eat ethically and deliciously. This ethos is poured into everything they create - authentic, fresh-tasting food, bursting with complete, utter goodness.

Although food is integral to Mr Organic’s mission, organic doesn’t just stop on the plate –it’s all about inspiring their customers to live positively and truly understand the benefits of Organic on the environment, people, and all living beings.

Since its inception the brand has championed a wholistic approach to sustainable and healthy eating, supporting like-minded charities and enterprises to do business the right way. Like many food brands Mr Organic saw large growth in sales last year and the brand continues this growth trajectory due to quality. That is the high quality of the tomatoes and recipes from the Mr Organic farm in Pontina, Italy and the meticulously sourced produce from independent producers, the ‘friends’ of the brand.

From producing tomatoes from their farm in Pontinia, Mr Organic has grown its product range to include kitchen staples such as pastas, sauces, condiments and oils. The brand, like the category, shows no signs of slowing, and in 2022 is set to expand its range to become the ultimate destination for organic produce in the UK.

Mr Organic's mission is simple - to leave this world a little better than they found it with good, honest food and a deep respect for nature – it’s the organic way.

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