How to shop organic

We often talk about the many reasons why you should shop organic, but we don't often cover how you shop organic. So we've put together this little guide for you!

How to shop organic

You've decided to shop organic. So what is the best way of getting what you need? With so many options, no matter where you live in the UK there should be somewhere for you.

Farmers Markets / Stalls

More and more farmers markets have been popping up in the most unlikely places. Car parks, schools, local parks - and most of them have stalls that sell fresh fruit, veg, meat, fish, cheese and charcuterie. Some of them claim to be organic, but how can you know for sure?

Look for the logo! Look for the certification logo that will ensure that the product meets the strict requirements demanded by organic standards. Here's our handy guide to all the different logos so you know what to look for when you're shopping.

Independent Retailers

We love our indie retailers. Each store has its own character and you can always count on finding a hidden gem or two. Most carry local produce and there is usually someone on hand who is happy to answer any questions that you may have.

If you live in London, you will probably know the main retailers - Planet OrganicWhole Foods Market as well as Daylesford. If you're in Bristol, Better Food is fantastic. If you want to see what your closest independent shop is, click here, scroll down to the map and enter your postcode or town. We don't have every shop in the UK listed on here sadly so if your favourite is missing, send us a message.

Major Retailers

All of the big supermarkets in the UK sell organic on some level, and if you shop with them this is probably the easiest place to start making small swaps. Organic milk, cheese, eggs, carrots, apples, potatoes and onions are all commonly found in supermarkets, while some of the bigger superstores carry a larger range of organic. Many have their own brand organic and you will usually find brands like Yeo Valley, Whole Earth, Kallo, Crazy Jack and Doves Farm there too.

Don't forget to keep an eye out in the freezer section - some supermarkets carry a good range of frozen organic fruit, veg and ice cream.

PAN UK complied this informative list about UK supermarkets, which also includes a call to action for those of you who wish to see more of a change where you shop.

Box Schemes

Having a selection of fresh, seasonal organic products delivered directly to your door is probably the easiest way to shop organic.

There are so many great box schemes in the UK where you can find a wide variety of fresh fruit and veg; many of the also have the option of adding all of your pantry staples, meat, dairy, household products - everything you could need for your organic lifestyle. Our personal favourites are Riverford, Abel & Cole and Pikt.

Online Stores

There are a multitude of options for everything organic if you search online - it's not just food and drink! With options from supplements, beauty and skincare to household products and textiles, the potential to swap to an organic option is almost limitless.

However you choose to shop organic, rest assured that you are making a real difference to the planet. We've said it before and we'll say it again; small swaps make a big difference.

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