Organic beers for summer BBQ

Here are some great organic beer choices we've picked for you to enjoy with your organic BBQs - they taste great and are good for the environment!

Organic beers for summer BBQ

Beer and barbecue are the perfect combination! The grilled meat and bitter drink flavours complement each other and are the epitome of a perfect combination for a summer grill.

While there is more information out there about organic meat, the organic beers are not that famous and today we would like to shed some light on organic beer brands.

Vintage Roots beers and ciders

Vintage Roots source the very best organic and biodynamic wines, beers and ciders. Their drinks portfolio includes 500+ wines plus dozens of beers, ciders, spirits and liqueurs.

Vintage Roots Organic Beer - Past best before date

The English Target hops, coupled with its unpasteurised condition give this great ale outstanding clarity of aroma and intensity of flavour.

St Peter’s Organic ‘Without’ Alcohol Free Beer (50cl)

A zero alcohol craft beer that tastes as good as the real thing, and is suitable for both lager and ale drinkers. Distinctly zesty, citrus and biscuit flavours, followed by smooth, creamy, hoppy bitterness.

Freedom Organic Helles Lager (33cl)

Delicious lager which has a rounded malty flavour with a subtle bitterness and smooth caramel undertone.

The full range of organic beers and ciders can be found on the Vintage Roots website.

Stroud Brewery beers

Stroud Brewery are a dedicated organic brewery certified by the Soil Association and all their beers are made with organic malt and hops. They only source the very best ingredients from farming, which has a positive effect on our environment, and never use ingredients which degenerate our environment, ecosystems or precious soils for capital gain.

To explore the entire beer range from Stroud Brewery visit their website

Waitrose Duchy Organic beers

Waitrose Duchy Organic is a partnership between Waitrose and Duchy Originals Limited, a company set up by Charles, Prince of Wales, in 1990. The brand offers a selection of organic drinks, including beers.

To explore the entire beer range from Duchy Organic visit their website.

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