Organic cheese brands from UK farmers

Organic dairy products are not just delicious, but also are beneficial for wildlife and nature being a product of organic farming.

Organic cheese brands from UK farmers

Images and information courtesy of Calon Wen, Yeo Valley, Teifi Cheese and Lye Cross Farm.

Organic farming is the only method of production that has legally binding commitments on animal welfare, land use and environmental protection.

To support local farmers and nature, you can consider the following brands of organic cheese.

CALON WEN - Organic Family Farms

All Calon Wen farms are in Wales and produce organic milk from dairy cows. Their farmers truly believe in the benefits of organic farming towards people and nature – after all, it’s how they live and work!

Calon Wen have a great selection of organic dairy products, including a variety of cheeses (cheddar, rosette red).

Organic Mellow Creamy Cheddar (below)

Mellow, creamy, sharp and rich. Calon Wen Mellow Creamy Cheddar is a treat that is perfect for spreading on your breakfast toast or a as a munchy cheesy nibble.

Calon Wen Organic Rossett Red (below)

A deliciously nutty red leicester from the Calon Wen label. Aged using natural methods and the best ingredients, Rossett Red Cheese is a smooth, creamy, rich and tangy cheese with a lovely, nutty flavour.

Yeo Valley Organic

Yeo Valley mature Cheddar is crafted using only British organic milk and then hand-selected by their expert cheesemakers for a wonderfully rich and creamy taste.

Yeo Valley Organic Mature Cheddar

The Cheddar can be frozen but for best results grate or cut into small cubes before freezing. Place into an air-tight container or wrap it well in a freezer bag. Defrost in the fridge and consume as soon as possible. Freeze for up to 6 months.

Caws Teifi Organic Halloumi Cheese

In 1981, our co-founders, John, Patrice and Paula came to Wales from their native Holland with dreams of setting up a centre for learning organic farming and self-sufficiency.

They bought Glynhynod Farm (meaning Remarkable Valley in Welsh) and set to work realising their vision. Soon after arriving at the farm Patrice, who trained as a cheesemaker in Holland, started making wonderful raw milk cheese. Based on a 500 year old Gouda recipe, it is the very same cheese that we make today and is named after the nearby river Teifi, a tributary of which runs through the farm.

Having started in 1982 we are now the longest established artisan cheesemaker in Wales.

Today the farm and family businesses are run by John and Patrice’s two sons; John-James and Robert, who are carrying on their parents’ vision for the farm and Caws Teifi Cheese.

Caws Teifi Organic Halloumi Cheese is great served grilled, fried or barbecued. For every kilo of organic Halloumi sold Caws Teifi donate 10p to the Welsh Wildlife Centre in Cilgerran.

Lye Cross Farm Organic Cheese Range

The award winning organic cheese range is available from the Lye Cross farm shop.

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