Organic Flour From UK Farmers

With more people looking for ways to be more eco-conscious when shopping, choosing products like flour, produced locally and in a way which is nature-friendly, is a strong and rising trend.

Organic Flour From UK Farmers

Image above courtesy of Doves Farm.

Why choose organic and locally produced flour?

Locally grown wheat creates important opportunities for local British farmers and reduces environmental impact by cutting down the supply chain. And organic certification of flour also guarantees that crops were grown and processed without potentially harmful chemicals, which may be beneficial for both wildlife and human health.

Doves Farm

Doves Farm, an organic, mixed arable farm, is nestled in the heart of the North Wessex Downs.

Following organic farming practices, the farm manager plans a system of crop rotations which naturally develop the soil’s fertility, control pests and diseases, and allows them to grow their quality speciality crops such as English Wheat, Spelt, and Rye which are milled into much-loved flours.

The fields at Doves Farm have a permanent grass margin or beetle bank which provide homes for birds, bats and of course, beetles. These creatures then feed on insects which could damage their crops, allowing the farmers to manage pests in a natural and environmentally friendly way. Over the winter months, crop stubble is left to encourage ground nesting birds such as lapwings and, if the farmers are really lucky, stone-curlews.

Everyday Organic Flour Range has a vast selection of flours, including flours for making pasta and baking bread.

Duchy Organic Flour

Duchy Organic source much of their wheat locally, from UK farmers, and then mill it to offer a good selection of organic flours.

Marriage's The Master Millers

Marriage's The Master Millers work in partnership with British farmers they can trust to produce the highest quality wheat, as well as working with select international producers. The brand offers a good selection of organic flours for a variety of purposes.

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