Organic gluten Free Snacks

Explore a range of gluten free organic snacks, which include crisp breads, cereal, oat bars and cookies.

Organic gluten Free Snacks

Image above: Clearspring UK

Clearspring Gluten Free Organic Snacks

Clearspring have a wide range of gluten free organic pastas, as well as gluten free organic porridge and corn cakes.

Clearspring Gluten Free Power Porridge is made with nutty buckwheat flakes, wholegrain white quinoa and chia seeds which are naturally rich in Omega 3. Specially blended for its flavour and nutritional characteristics, this creamy, hearty and warming porridge is the perfect way to start your day. Delicious on its own or topped with malt syrup, fruit puree or seasonal fresh fruits. Helping you stay fuller for longer.

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Amisa Gluten Free Organic Crispbreads, Sticks and Snacks

Amisa is founded on the belief that people with special dietary needs shouldn’t miss out. That’s why Amisa combine the best quality, sustainably sourced organic ingredients, with passion and know-how to bring you products that satisfy your foodie tastebuds; they want you feeling free, not free-from.

Amisa offer a vast range of gluten free organic snacks, including various crisp breads, sticks and snacks.

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FREEE Gluten Free Organic Cookies and Oat Bars

FREEE believe food should be simple, natural and delicious so they have created a range of gluten free foods for the whole day made from delicious, naturally gluten free ingredients.

FREEE have a great selection of gluten free organic snacks, including oat bars and cookies.

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Biona Gluten Free Organic Rice Cakes and Protein Chunks

Biona products are naturally grown on organic farms without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides; this not only results in great tasting food but also protects the environment for future generations.

Biona offers a small range of gluten free organic products, including Rice Cakes and Protein Chunks.

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