Organic hand and nail products

An overview of some wonderful Herbfarmacy hand and nail care products.

Organic hand and nail products

While so many people are aware of organic options they have when it comes to skincare and beauty, there is not that much information available when it comes to hand and nail care products, and there are some really wonderful oils, soaps, lotions and creams available!

Herbfarmacy, an organic skincare brand, offers a range of products for hand and nails made from herbs, which they grow without any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers at their own farm. All oils, soaps, lotions and creams are certified by the Soil Association.

Why organic hands and nails products?

As skin can absorb up to 60% of any product applied, it is important to make sure the products are made from safe and certified ingredients. There are benefits of growing organic herbs for wildlife too, as organic farming is also good for butterflies, birds and bees.

To read more about benefits of organic skincare products from Herbfarmacy, visit their website by clicking the link here.

Nail Therapy Oil 35ml - a natural nail strengthener that works to prevent splitting and cracking.

Field Fresh Hand Soap 240ml - this detergent-free pure hand soap hydrates and soothes dry, chapped and sensitive hands.

Calendula and Mint Hand Cream 8ml -  a great repair and renewal herb and gently fragranced with organic Lavender and Peppermint oils.

Explore the whole range of organic skincare on the Herbfarmacy website.

Images and information courtesy of Herbfarmacy.

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