Organic preserves and spreads

Discover a variety of delicious organic Preserves and Spreads, which include nut butter and jam!

Organic preserves and spreads

Organic Nut Butter

Whole Earth Organic Nut Butter

For decades, Whole Earth have made utterly delicious, wholesome food that’s good for you and good for the Earth. Here’s how it all began.

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Nutcessity Organic Nut Butter

There are now 8 flavours in the Nutcessity range, all being free from palm oil & unrefined sugar, as well as being peanut-free and gluten-free. All products are packed in plastic-free packaging.

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Meridian Organic Nut butter

Meridian Foods pride themselves on being one of the tastiest, natural nut butter brand in the world who also happens to care about the planet.

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Organic Spreads

Bonsan Vegan Organic sweet Spread

Bonsan's mission is to break down the ‘us and them’ divide. They are bringing food that’s exciting and accessible, vegan and organic. And they are bringing it to the masses.

Bonsan think vegan food should be nourishing, flavourful and fun. They believe that making vegan and organic choices encourages a peaceful relationship with the planet and everything that inhabits it. They want to make it easy to make those choices.

Image on the right: Bonsan Mylk Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

Raw Vibrant Living Organic Spreads and Nut Butter

Unfiltered, uncomplicated and untampered with. RAW Vibrant Living leads the way with natural products made with simple, fresh, organic ingredients.

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Biona Organic Spreads and Nut Butter

Biona products are naturally grown on organic farms without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides; this not only results in great tasting food but also protects the environment for future generations.

Image below: Biona Organic Cocoa Hazel Peanut Butter

Clearspring Fruit Spreads

Clearspring is a family business and since 1993 they have been committed to pioneering authentic Japanese specialities and organic fine foods.

Their core belief is that everyone should have easy access to quality organic food to eat well. Their products make a valuable contribution to sustainable agriculture by supporting organic farmers, artisan food producers and a plant-based diet.

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Abel & Cole Spreads

Abel & Cole deliver organic and sustainably wild groceries to your door since 1988. They offer a wide range of organic jams, spreads and nut butters from organic brands as well as their own label brand.

Image below: Raspberry Jam, Organic, Abel & Cole

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