Organic Spotlight: ALBERT BARTLETT

Albert Bartlett, many will be familiar with this potato brand as a grower and supplier of potatoes and potato products to retailers in the UK.

Organic Spotlight: ALBERT BARTLETT


In 1948 Albert Bartlett started the family tradition of producing great quality fresh produce by setting up a beetroot-boiling operation in Coatbridge, Scotland. Nine years later, with his two sons Jimmy and Alex, Albert found a new home for the company a few miles away in Airdrie. It was on this site that the first pre-pack carrots were packed and supplied into retail.

In 2003 they started supplying organic potatoes from a number of farms in Scotland - over the years the expanding business has retained its spirit and passion for innovation and now operates across the UK in fresh, frozen and chilled potatoes.


The company works with farmers that share their passion for growing the finest, tastiest potatoes who use their expertise and traditional farming methods that respect the land.

Philip Benzie from Turiff in Aberdeenshire was one of their first growers and he continues to grow organic potatoes today, predominantly the Rooster variety.

In 2017 the Mclaren family farming in the Strathmore Valley purchased Arnbog farm and began the process of converting to organic production. Michael, Peter and John Mclaren are now the largest organic growers in Scotland and produce organic Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage as well as a potatoes for Albert Bartlett.

What does the future look like for Albert Bartlett?

Albert Bartlett have been recognised with a number of awards to support their environmental credentials. They work closely with growers to promote sustainable production in agriculture and also at their manufacturing sites. Albert Bartlett are signatories of the Courtauld Commitment 2025.

Albert Bartlett have recently launched a 5kg e-commerce offer for their organic potatoes in addition to listings in Waitrose and Whole Foods Market.

Images courtesy of Albert Bartlett

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