Organic Spotlight: de Le Cuona

We are happy to welcome de Le Cuona to the OTB. A globally renowned purveyor of luxury fabric for interiors who use only the finest natural fibres – flax, cashmere, wool, alpaca - who have created a full range of top-quality, totally organic linen with a high aesthetic and design value and that is beneficial to health and the environment.

Organic Spotlight: de Le Cuona

Photo courtesy of de Le Cuona


The de Le Cuona story is a tale of success - a 27 year old British brand that started out introducing revolutionary stonewashed linen to the industry and is now a globally renowned purveyor of luxury fabric for interiors. After growing up in South Africa Bernie de Le Cuona, founder and CEO of the company, has always held the environment and nature at the heart of her enterprise.

Named on The Walpole Power List as one of the most influential people in British Luxury as a leader of innovation and sustainability in her sector, Bernie's fabric house was the first to launch 100% organic linen certified to The Global Organic Textile Standard.

Pure is an industry landmark, the ultimate product that contributes to wellness as a way of life through environmentally and socially responsible making.

The soul of the company lies in the unique tactility of its textiles coupled with a deep commitment to artistry and craftsmanship

industry challenges

How do you create a full range of top-quality, totally organic linen? The textile industry is a huge contributor to pollution and landfill; only a very small amount of linen produced in the world is organic, and of that only a very small percentage will work for the interior industry. Added to that, there are only a limited number of mills and finishers in Europe who are GOTS certified to this global standard. Finding GOTS certified partners from field-to-fabric required determination, as well as investment in time and money.

de Le Cuona and these mills are determined to raise awareness and increase accessibility of this organic linen making sure that the price points of this fabrics are no more than 8% higher than an equivalent product in the de Le Cuona natural fibre portfolio.


Pure collection

Pure puts sustainability and wellbeing at the top the interior agenda. As with all its collections, de Le Cuona is committed to sustainable ways of thinking, enabling consumers and clients to make informed choices. The company has also developed processes designed to cut down textile waste, promote a circular company and has a carbon neutral shipping promise.

Linen has natural anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic qualities which make it perfect for use in living spaces and it can be applied across the whole interior - from sheers and curtains to heavy curtains and hardwearing upholstery. It is particularly relevant for bedrooms, living spaces and areas of relaxation where we spend more time surrounded by textiles.

de Le Cuona has showrooms in London (Pimlico Road store and Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour) with their headquarters in Royal Windsor.

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