Organic Spotlight: Equinox Kombucha

Equinox Kombucha is an organic brand that was established in 2013 by Robert Charles and Daphne Charist.

Organic Spotlight: Equinox Kombucha


Founders Robert and Daphne tasted their first kombucha on their travels in Asia, and when they returned home to the UK, they started brewing their own 'booch' in their kitchen.

Further down the line, angel investor Daniel Spayne, who was also a kombucha fan became a co-founder and helped the company build their growing operation in Hebden Bridge. Equinox Kombucha is a fresh ethical healthy drink for eco-seekers who wish to try something new. It's organic, raw and full of vitamins, antioxidants and naturally energising enzymes that promote gut health and immunity.

"To disrupt the soft drinks market with the very best organic, sustainable ‘booch’"


Organic Certified

"We went organic because we care about people's health and the health of our planet. It's that simple. We know that organic farming works with nature, for nature supporting the health of wildlife, ecosystems and the humans that consume food grown in this way." Daniel Spayne, MD Equinox Kombucha."

Equinox Kombucha is certified by the Soil Association, and being organic is one of the company's core missions and was a non-negotiable part of its ethos from the start. Not only does this reduce toxins in the environment but it also helps to drive more conscious behaviour in consumers when choosing healthy alternatives over traditional soft drinks.

The team use the same traditional craft brewing methods, ingredients and scobies in creating their delicious and unique brews.

In 2020 Equinox partnered with Hugh Fearnley-Wttingstall on a new joint River Cottage range of kombucha’s with the promotion of UK organic being one of the main reasons they joined forces.

B Corp Certified

In the same year, they became a B-Corp. The B Corp certification complements the organic certification, ensuring that they put the needs of social and environmental stakeholders at the core of their business mission and strategy. To learn more about their B Corp Journey and future trends, please find out more here.

What does the future look like for Equinox Kombucha?

Equinox Kombucha's sustainability strategy for the next 12 months will see them continue to focus on producing high quality, organic kombucha and other associated new products with as low an environmental footprint as possible. This will mean applying continual focus to the local provenance of our ingredients, reviewing packaging on an ongoing basis to reduce their carbon footprint as they continue to grow. It will involve a variety of regenerative business strategies that we will use to engage partners and supply chain into shared positive impact.

You can find out more about Equinox Kombucha here.

Photo credit: Equinox Kombucha

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