Organic Spotlight GOLDEN VIRGIN®

Family-run organic natural food products company GOLDEN VIRGIN® Organic source their products from organic Greek farmers and growers and process them using traditional production methods, in harmony with nature and environment.

Organic Spotlight GOLDEN VIRGIN®


GOLDEN VIRGIN® organic's is a business that produces a wide range of nutritious and flavoursome healthy 100% natural foods.

Founded by Andrew (an electrical engineer) and wife Asimina (a nurse) together they establish GOLDEN VIRGIN® organic, a 100% natural and sustainable range of healthy food products with the vision to create a better future for their children and the rest of the world. The business is founded on a core belief: "everyone should have access to quality organic foods to eat well and healthy".

Andrew's grandparents are 4th generation of olive grows over in Kalamata, Greece. They own 'The Olive Groves' Andrew points out it's relatively widespread for Greek families to own their olive groves for their families consumption. Therefore he wants to continue the tradition.


To be transparent across the supply chain

Andrew and Asimina have committed to this 100% traceability because it illustrates the short and transparent supply chain that customers trust. In addition, they know the full journey of products, so are sure of its organic status and that it is made naturally, protecting nature and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They also only use fruit-based sugars rather than refined sugar in their products.

Continuing to create quality organic certified products

The GOLDEN VIRGIN® organic continues to grow high quality delicious food for everyone in hte family, their products rane are ethica, and vegan. The GOLDEN VIRGIN® organic produce 22 unique  products from balsamic vinegar to extra virgin olive oil, to tahini's and spreads.

What does the future look like for Golden Virgin?

We spoke with Andrew from GOLDEN VIRGIN® who's ambitious plans include the folowing:

  • Ensuring products remain sustainable and organic. They also hope to expand their product ranges to 60 new arrivals by the end of 2022.
  • GOLDEN VIRGIN® aim to increase their farmers profit up to 18%
  • Focusing on looking into more sustainable transport, such as only transporting products across by ship to the UK.
  • Investing in new farm in Greece to produce fresh fruits and vegetables for their existing and new organic product range. UK visitors and buyers will enjoy agritourism and plant their own trees.

You can find out more about GOLDEN VIRGIN®'s products by visiting their website.

Images Credited by  GOLDEN VIRGIN®'

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