Organic Spotlight: Little Green Wardrobe

We are pleased to welcome My Little Green Wardrobe as our latest member! A new online shop, founded by Lucy Todd, that exclusively sells GOTS organic certified, sustainable and ethically-produced clothing for children from birth to 6 years. Not only are products selected because they are produced in a way that’s kind to the planet, but also to the people who make the garments.

Organic Spotlight: Little Green Wardrobe

The inspiration for My Little Green Wardrobe came when Lucy was unable to find all of the clothes that she needed in one place online. In Lucy's previous 14 year career as a BBC journalist, she covered a story about the problems posed by the fashion industry and the facts stayed with her.

"When trying to shop more sustainably for my own two girls, I found there were lots of fantastic little brands out there but no great hub website dedicated solely to sustainable clothing, which brought them all under one roof. I had to look into the eco-credentials of each brand before purchasing anything, which was time-consuming and exhausting. The idea for My Little Green Wardrobe is that we do the homework for you, making it easier for time-strapped parents to make good choices."

about organic cotton

The clothes sold by My Little Green Wardrobe are mostly made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, which is recognised as the world's leading processing standard for fabrics made from organic fibres, eg. cotton or wool.

It sets high-level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic chemical fertilisers and synthetic pesticides, which is damaging for the environment, local wildlife, as well as farm workers.

It requires less water and energy to be grown and no synthetic dyes are used on the cotton during processing. Not only is this better for the environment but ultimately it is kinder to children’s skin.

Research also suggests that organic cotton is softer and more durable than conventional cotton, meaning the garments will last longer, which we are sure all parents will appreciate!

Find out more about the differences between organic and conventional cotton here.

The website

Launched in June 2021, the website showcases a beautiful range of practical, hardwearing, soft, washable, and, of course, sustainable children’s wear and accessories that include brands like Hunter & Boo, Kite, Müsli and even Muddy Puddles waterproof puddle suits.

Each of the sustainable, independent brands have been vetted before they are put on the site to ensure they follow the highest ethical standards and social criteria. Not only are they kind to the planet, but also to the people who make the garments.

Coming just after the petrochemical industry, the fashion industry is known as the second most polluting industry in the world. When you consider that children can easily go through ten different clothing sizes before the age of five years old, you can see how choosing organic clothing can make a huge impact globally.

Thankfully, My Little Green Wardrobe has done all of the hard work in sourcing sustainable and ethical brands, so there is now one less thing to worry about for any parent who is concerned about their family’s impact on the environment.


What’s more, you can shop according to the values most important to you. My Little Green Wardrobe has devised a system of ethical factors and assigned them to the corresponding brands and articles of clothing.

For example, clothing that is made from organic cotton or recycled plastic is awarded a planet symbol; items that are produced under improved conditions for farm labourers and garment workers are given the people symbol; those that comply with vegan standards show this symbol, and so on.

This gives customers complete control over the companies they want to invest in as there is full transparency over how each of the listed brands behaves.

My Little Green Wardrobe currently stocks seven sustainable children’s brands with sizes ranging from 0-6 years - with more brands and a wider age range to follow.

The goal of My Little Green Wardrobe is to be the home of sustainable childrenswear, where you can dress your child from top to toes in ethical clothes.You can read more about their ethical values here.

The clothing sold by My Little Green Wardrobe also makes a great choice for those wishing to buy a thoughtful gift for new babies and young children.

The 7 shopping values


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