Organic Spotlight: Odylique

If you are looking for a certified Organic, 100% Natural Skincare, Haircare and Makeup brand, then Odylique is the one for you!

Organic Spotlight: Odylique

Odylique is a certified Organic, 100% Natural Skincare, Haircare and Makeup brand. The award-winning brand has a fascinating 30-year history and helps so many people with sensitive skin.

Odylique was started by Margaret Weeds, qualified in herbal medicine and aromatherapy, who was suffering with eczema, which ran through generations in her family. At the time, there were no real alternatives available to conventional cosmetics and skincare, and Margaret really struggled with products containing artificial additives and irritants. This was the moment when Margaret decided to put her knowledge to use in solving her sensitive skin problem and started experimenting with organic herbs, plant oils and only natural ingredients. Margaret and her daughter Abi launched the “Essential Care” brand, which was renamed “Odylique” a decade later. Still today the brand is loved by its customers for producing certified organic, skincare for sensitive skin. Its iconic Gentle Herb Shampoo is famed for being the sensitive scalp shampoo. Odylique was also the world’s first brand to make fair-trade & organic certified makeup.

Image below: Margaret Weeds and Abi Weeds

Today, as decades ago, every Odylique product is made using organic, superior first cold-pressed, virgin plant oils and active herbs extracted without heat. The brand avoids all synthetic chemicals and common skin sensitivity triggers.

All the products are handmade at Odylique’s Suffolk eco-HQ, guaranteeing the highest quality and freshness. Margaret and Abi prioritise sustainability – alongside using 100% renewable energy, all packaging is recyclable and often made from recycled material. No products or ingredients are tested on animals, only on willing humans!

The brand has won multiple awards throughout the years, setting the bar high for other ethical and natural skincare brands.

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