Organic Spotlight – Progressive Agriculture

Progressive Agriculture is a consultancy run by Charlie Curtis, an expert agronomist, offering guidance and advice to organic farmers wanting to adopt regenerative systems and farmers converting to organic.

Organic Spotlight – Progressive Agriculture

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The consultancy operates as an external agronomist department for farmers and growers to call in when they need her expertise and for farmers who are converting to organic

Charlie has worked for well-known companies in the field, including M&S as the UK technical manager. There, Charlie spent time at the company's Kenya operation where the farmer's use of IPM (integrated pest management) was the first time she had seen such holistic, natural farming methods and it inspired her to research and find new ways to incorporate systems like this.

Charlie also attended the Prince of Wales Highgrove Summer School where she studied sustainable agriculture.


Charlie sees these as exciting times for British agriculture. As the agricultural landscape is shifting, particularly with the changes from Brexit, alongside the introduction of net-zero targets and ELM's.

Progressive Agriculture services provides support and knowledge sharing for farmers and growers in the organic community to continue to drive forward the great message behind British Organic Produce.

What does the future look like for Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative Agriculture is set up to advise and guide farms to be prepared and resilient for the future. They offer support through all farm technical compliance and audits, transitioning from conventional farming techniques to organic, on-farm biodiversity and habitat creation, developing resilient farming programmes, and delivering regenerative agricultural strategies.

You can find out more about Charlie's consultancy film Regenerative Agriculture here.

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