Organic Spotlight: The Garlic Farm

The Garlic Farm offer quality garlic from their own fields and those of partner farms.

Organic Spotlight: The Garlic Farm

The Garlic Farm is a third-generation family business based on the Isle of Wight, in the middle of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. They grew their first garlic bulbs on the Isle of Wight over 50 years ago. The Garlic Farm produce and procure a huge variety of high-quality garlic and garlic inspired product including mayonnaise, chutney, and condiments. Their quest for flavour is probably best expressed by their unparalleled hot oak smoked garlic, which is simply glorious!

In October 2022 their 200 acre farm completed conversion to certified organic with the Soil Association. During their conversion process the farm team learned techniques on maintaining fertility and biological activity within soil. Integrating livestock within the garlic rotation is a cornerstone of their circular approach of keeping the garlic beds in good heart.

The Garlic Farm’s first crop of home-grown, certified organic garlic will be harvested in the summer of 2023. Moving toward certified organic for the remainder of the product range and menu items will be a longer process.

There is evidence of the benefits that organic farming can deliver to soil, animals, wildlife, climate, and humans. The hope is that by learning more about the interconnected nature of these elements we can implement tangible, practical improvement on our farmland. Some of these restorative indicators can be seen already, others may take many more years to be measurable and I hope that by doing the work and communicating the impact we can encourage other farms and producers to switch to organic.

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