Organic Spotlight: Wallaroo

Wallaroo was born out of the experience of parents Swati and Abhisek who found that the lure of packaged snacks was often too strong for their growing daughter.

Organic Spotlight: Wallaroo


Wallaroo produces tropical fruit snacks that are designed to be both tasty and nutritious, whilst also helping support growers in developing countries. The branding has been purposefully created to make healthy snacks more appealing to growing children, especially teens.

Wallaroo's current yummy range is gently dried mango slices, gently dried pineapple chunks and toasted coconut chips.


To encourage growing children to make better food choices, by questioning where their food comes from, what it is made of, and its impact on our environment.

Vegan and Soil Association Certified

Abhisek says "The decision to use organic fruit came naturally as we're constantly striving to make our products as good as they can be. Most of our growers are keen to grow organic fruit as this is beneficial economically.

Still, also there is the realisation that organic cultivation is better for their fields in the long run." So, the product is organically certified by the Soil Association and vegan certified by the Vegan Society.

Supporting sustainable farming and sourcing

Wallaroo works with growers that use sustainable farming practices, adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAP) and organic standards, commit to no land clearing, and to protecting watercourses from pollution.

The fruit is grown on fair traded community-based farms in West Africa where it is allowed to naturally sun ripen before being gently dried. As part of its commitment to transparency, Wallaroo allows visitors to its website to see how the products are made from plant to packet via the Wallaroo trail here.

Better Packaging

Mindful of packaging waste, Wallaroo products use a fully home compostable material certified by TUV Austria which means the wrapper will compost just like food scraps in the garden or home composter.

What does the future look like for Wallaroo?

We want to continue to work with small community growers in different parts of the world whilst also finding ways to make healthy snacks more attractive and more accessible for young people.

Find out more about Wallaroo and their products here.

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