Cool organic ice-creams for a hot summer

Keep cool this summer with organic ice-creams! They’re a great treat for those hot summer days! And isn't it good to know that they are sustainably made from all-natural ingredients, sourced from local organic dairy farms which support animal welfare!

Cool organic ice-creams for a hot summer

Image above courtesy of Luscious.

There are several brands of organic ice-cream to try this summer - certainly a good choice for your family, including a fun option for little ones!

Luscious Organic Ice Cream and Sorbet

Based on an organic estate in Neston, Wiltshire, just a few miles from the world heritage city of Bath, Luscious makes all-natural ice cream and custard using milk from the farm’s pedigree Jersey herd and Jersey cream from Ivy House Dairy. Luscious is the only organic artisan ice cream in the Bath and surrounding areas.

Founders Doug Whitelaw and Kate Clark are passionate advocates of organic food and farming and understand the importance of provenance, local food and sustainability and strive to make the best possible products.

Look for Luscious ice-creams at organic food retailers like Better Food, and explore the brand on

Waitrose Duchy Organic Ice Cream

Duchy Organics is a company which The Prince of Wales set up in 1990, principally to sell organic food products. Since then, it has become established as a leading organic and natural food brand. Each time you buy a Waitrose & Partners Duchy Organic product, sales from the brand provide a donation to The Prince of Wales's Charitable Fund. Since 2009, you have helped us raise over £30 million for good causes, supporting a wide range of projects and communities.

Their organic ice creams range include several tastes  - Vanilla and Lemon Curd and are available at Waitrose and Ocado.

Explore the full range of Duchy Organic ice creams and desserts on

Yeo Valley Organic Ice Cream

Yeo Valley is the UK's largest organic brand established in 1994. The Yeo Valley Organic range includes organic yogurt, cream, milk, butter, cheese, ice cream and compote. Yeo Valley is a real place in the heart of Somerset.

Yeo Valley Organic Ice Cream range is made with all the best things, including lashings of organic milk and double cream.

Explore the full range of Yeo Valley organic ice creams and frozen kefir on

Green & Black's Organic Ice Cream

Green & Black's is a British chocolate company founded in 1991. The company produces a range of organic food products, including: chocolate bars, ice cream, biscuits and hot chocolate.

Their ice cream range includes a vast amount of flavours for any taste - from Vanilla to White Chocolate & Raspberry.

Explore the full range of Green & Black's products on

Pip Organic Ice Lollies

Pip Organic's mission is to offer their piptastic range to as many families around the world. Their products  can be found at Ocado, Abel & Cole, Waitrose and Amazone.

Rainbow Fruity Ice Lolly with cheeky veg is as fun as the rainbow and simply bursting with organic fruit & a little bit of cheeky organic veg! It was designed to add both a little bit of colour & nutrition to your little one’s day – the no nasties way! Available both in handy multipacks of 6 & as single lollies.

Explore the full range of Pip Organic products on

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