Organic Supplements

Do you use supplements and if so, how much thought do you put into choosing which ones to take? Are synthetic supplements as effective as natural, organic ones?

Organic Supplements

Photo courtesy of Viridian - Acerola Cherries in Brazil

Are all supplements created equally? Why does one bottle of vitamins cost a few pounds while the same vitamin in a different brand is considerably more expensive? If it does the same thing, why not just get the cheapest option?

Getting your vitamins and minerals from a well-rounded, balanced diet is ideal, but we know this is not always possible depending on your lifestyle. As a result, many people turn to supplementation for the additional nutrients that are needed. Why would you choose organic supplements over any other?

Natural and organic supplements are made from plant material that naturally contains the vitamin being supplemented.

This means that the natural cofactors (what helps the vitamin work at its optimal level within the body) are already present, whereas in isolated extracts or synthesised versions, they are not. Although chemically both the natural and synthetic vitamins may look the same, this does not mean they are used by the body in the same way.

One of the companies that we trust and respect are Viridian Nutrition. They are known as the vitamin company with an organic heart; a deeply ethical company who have been highlighting the benefits of organic health since it was founded in 1999.

It has among the largest organic range certified by the Soil Association encompassing over 95 nutritional supplements and oils, tinctures, balms and topical oils. They source natural ingredients and use sustainable farming practices to guarantee purity and traceability of their supplements. Their supplements are also GMO free, palm oil free, non-animal tested and ethically made.

As well as believing in harnessing and protecting nature, Viridian is also passionate about supporting local communities and is dedicated to independent health stores. Every Viridian bottle sold helps generate funds for selected children’s, animal welfare and environmental charities, which are nominated by independent health food retailers.

What should you look for when choosing supplements?

We asked Viridian’s Technical Manager and senior nutritionist Jenny Carson what you should look for when you are choosing supplement. She advises: “We always recommend a dietary approach to obtaining nutrients however there are reasons where it may not be possible because of health issues or a particular lifestyle. Here daily supplementation may provide additional support.

“Choose high quality food supplements which provide 100% active ingredients. This means a food supplement that does not contain fillers, binders, added sugar, flavourings, or dye. Such compounds are called excipients and they do not provide any nutrition or benefits to human health and allow a larger volume of food supplements to be manufactured cheaply, produce visually identical tablets, and deodorise any natural taste or odour. So, it’s really important to read the label. For optimum health, choose organic supplements where possible – better for the planet and better for you.

“When choosing Viridian Nutrition food supplements, you can be assured that active nutrients are combined, where needed, with a wholefood blend of alfalfa, spirulina, and bilberry so that every capsule is 100% nutrition.”

Vitamin C

When it comes to something like Vitamin C, you can find many variations of this supplement including synthetic versions like effervescent tablets that you drop in water to chewable gummies, but Jenny further explains the advantages of choosing organic vitamin C supplements:

She said: “There are many benefits of using an organic fruit derived vitamin C. For starters, the fruits are grown and harvested without chemical pesticides and chemical fertilisers, in harmony with the natural rhythm of its surroundings. Both Viridian’s acerola cherry and elderberry are rich sources of vitamin C and are raised in accordance with the Soil Association Organic standards, which are considered the gold standard in organic certification. These types of formulas are perfect for those following an organic lifestyle, experience chemical sensitivity, care about planetary health and wish to consume nutrients in their original state.”

Ingredient of 2021...

For the ingredient of the year Viridian have named Elderberry as their ingredient of 2021 - we agree that this is a worthy winner! Their nutritional experts have forecast this small but mighty purple-black berry, scientifically known as Sambucus nigra, to have a significant role in the in the field of health and nutrition in the year ahead.

Photo above: Viridian’s Director of Nutrition Aimee Benbow carrying an audit of the company’s organic elderberries in Austria.

This wonderberry, native to Europe, is rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) which have been shown in research to provide therapeutic benefits. Viridian’s Elderberry Extract + Vit C liquid uses organic elderberries grown from an Austrian farm where the right climate produces significantly higher levels of OPC’s.

We are also very excited about their upcoming Acerola Cherry Collection, which is another string to their bow of immunity supporting products. It features pure fruit sourced Vitamin C grown ecologically in Brazil. Delivering up to 30x more vitamin C than oranges, acerola cherry is a potent natural source ideal to support immunity.

In summary

When looking for supplements, always look for:

  • 100% active ingredients from natural sources
  • Avoid supplements with fillers, binders, added sugar, flavourings and dye
  • Always read the label!
  • Choose organic where possible

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