Organic supplements with vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our immune system and there is a wide range of supplements containing vitamin C available on the market, but we will be concentrating on certified organic supplements in this article.

Organic supplements with vitamin C

Image above: Organic Elderberry Extract + Vit C by Viridian

Organically grown produce, (which avoids the use of pesticides and other chemicals) is more resistant to microbial and pest damage through the naturally occurring unique plant compounds. The use of carefully selected partner plants in organic growing can also help to repel pests. These two attributes enhance the nutritional quality of organic produce.

If you are considering organic supplements, make sure you look for the Soil Association logo on the label. The Soil Association is the gold standard in organic certification.

The Benefits of Vitamin C

Fundamental to a variety of functions in the body, vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that has been shown to act as a natural antihistamine. Therefore, vitamin C supplementation may promote allergy relief and reduction of symptoms. Vitamin C may also suppress inflammation caused by allergic reactions, by increasing the function of immune cells. In a study conducted in South Korea, high vitamin C intake was associated with a reduced risk of hay fever symptoms in schoolchildren(1).

Viridian Organic Elderberry Extract + Vit C

The Viridian Nutrition have been creating the purest, kindest health supplements, always with a healthy attitude. Their ethical formulas are crafted by expert nutritionists using clinically evidenced research. They dig deeper to ensure every ingredient is sourced with 100% care so it can make a lasting difference for people, for charities and for the planet.

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Organic Elderberry Extract + Vit C is formulated to provide immune support for the whole family, helping you avoid colds and flu. Formulated with Brazilian acerola cherries, providing a great-tasting elixir, rich in immune-boosting vitamin C.

Pukka Herbs Natural Vitamins C

The Pukka Herbs creations are crafted to connect as many people as possible to the beauty and power of nature. They share our knowledge and campaign for a healthier world, always trying to lead by example.

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Natural Vitamin C is naturally derived from organic fruit extracts and bioflavonoids including Acerola, Amla & Rosehips. These organic fruits deliver a potent synergistic concentrate of Vitamin C, just as nature intended.


1 Seo, J.-H., Kwon, S.-O., Lee, S.-Y., Kim, H. et. al (2013). Association of Antioxidants With Allergic Rhinitis in Children From Seoul. Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Research, 5(2), 81–87.

Images and information courtesy of Viridian Nutrition and Pukka Herbs.

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