Organic Festive Drinks Guide 2024

If you’re looking to have your festive drinking be organic, then look no further than our guide!

Organic Festive Drinks Guide 2024

Vintage Roots offer the UK’s largest selection of solely organic wines and drinks – all 100% certified of course, including wines, spirits, beers, ciders, non-alcoholic and more. With over 400 products to choose from, you’re bound to find something that suits your tastes and preferences.

Why drink organic wines and drinks?

If you’re already sold on the benefits of organic food, then you’ll likely be convinced that drinking organic drinks is better for the environment too. Organic wines are made from organically grown grapes and the entire winemaking process must be done organically as well. This means that organic grapes are not sprayed with potentially harmful chemicals, which is better for the plants, our soils and waterways, and vineyard workers too. During the winemaking process less preservatives and additives are also used, including sulphur dioxide which some say results in more expressive wines.

2023 Festive Season Offers

Every year Vintage Roots’ also runs their Festive Season Offers, with offers and discounts on some of their top organic wines, ports, spirits and more. Whether you’re after luscious seasonal reds or wintry whites, their offers cover it all! They work with only the best organic and biodynamic winemakers worldwide, and rigorously taste select all of their wines. Only when satisfied and organic certification has been checked do they ship to the UK.

Find out more here, or read on to find out how their wines and drinks selection can add more cheer to your festive season this year.

Organic Champagne & Fizzies

Whether you’re party planning, upping your cocktail game, or want a fine Champagne for aperitives or Christmas dinner, Vintage Roots has bubblies just for you. Enjoy offers on Champagne Faust’s delicious Carte D’Or, an organic Cava or sparkling zero dosage Italian, or pick from their many other Champagnes and sparkling wines.

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Wintery Whites

From light and refreshing to luxuriously voluptuous, choose from some cracking good whites on offer, like an ever popular New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, a new richer Picpoul de Pinet or an outstanding-value Gewurztraminer.

Find out more here

Seasonal Reds

Temperatures drop and the nights draw in, and our yearning for a delicious glass of red rises. From the iconic Chilean Coyam to a Chianti or award-winning Beaujolais that would pair excellently with Christmas turkey, there’s plenty of choice for organic reds on offer.

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Mixed Wine Cases

Our Festive Mixed Wine Cases include hand-picked selections of some of our top wines at the best value. Choose from a six-bottle case and three twelve bottle cases with free delivery, as well as an organic ale and non-alcoholic case.

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Spirits, Fortified & Ports

Enjoy offers on Christmas classics like a Port and Sherry-style wine, along with organic spirits too. Perfect for at-home mixology, sipping before or after dinner, or for gift giving too.

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Cheers to thinking and drinking organic!

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