Where to eat out organic in the UK

For the days when you don't feel like cooking or if you are travelling in the UK, there are some great places where you can enjoy organic meals.

Where to eat out organic in the UK

Image above courtesy of Helen Browning's Organic

Helen Browning’s Royal Oak pub & mini hotel

Helen Browning’s Royal Oak is a pub & mini hotel at the centre of Helen’s family-run organic farm in Wiltshre, recently voted 'Best Inn with Rooms, 2022' by the Good Hotel Guide.

Dedicated to keeping visitors well fed, entertained, cocooned in gently eccentric hospitality and included in as many farm activities as possible, the Royal Oak is part of a business that employs 55 local people, plants thousands of trees, milks 400 cows, and raises 1000 pigs and 300 beef cattle every year. From the 1500 acre farm straddling the historic Ridgeway they supply organic steaks, bacon and sausages into the likes of Ocado, Able & Cole, and Sainsbury’s as well as dispatching meat boxes to hundreds of loyal customers across the uk. The farm cultivates nuts and fruit in a pioneering agroforestry project, produces honey and fruit cordials, harvests prime organic wheat for locally-made artisan bread and has just released a batch of hand-crafted gin, distilled from own grown botanicals and super fruit sea buckthorn.

The diverse range of activities for visitors to Bishopstone include farm picnics and farm safaris, wildlife photo hides & tuition, a locally-stocked farm shop, wild camping and the annual highlight of International Pig Racing. Never known to rest on their laurels, the Royal Oak is also contemplating an anaerobic digester to produce electricity for the whole village.

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Daylesford Organic cafes and restaurants

Daylesford Organic have four locations in London, each with farmshop, café and retail areas.

Their flagship location in the Cotswolds also includes several options for dining and drinking, Cookery School, Bamford Wellness Spa, Garden room and Workshop, a Garden workshop and much more, all just a few steps away from their organic farm.

The Riverford Field Kitchen

Eating at The Riverford Field Kitchen is an unforgettable experience. Nestled in the heart of the Riverford farm, they serve a veg-centric seasonal feast, made with ingredients grown just a stone's throw from your plate.

Rhug Estate Eateries

Rhug Estate currently has three places where they offer organic meals - Café Rhug, On The Hoof and Drive Thru. Café Rhug offers all day dining in a purpose-built café. ‘On the Hoof’ Takeaway offers award-winning Rhug Organic meat to those wanting food on the go. The Drive Thru’, positioned conveniently at the main entrance to Rhug Estate, offers a wide range of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, pastries and cakes, paninis and toasties, sandwiches, hot food and breakfast rolls.

Stroud Brewery

Stroud Brewery offer food that is good for the environment, good for people and good for Stroud. They always try to ensure that the food and drink they provide is local and organic wherever possible.

Images and information courtesy of Helen Browning's Organic, Rhug Estate, Daylesford, Riverford Field and Stroud Brewery.

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