Why I Believe It’s Important to Choose Organic Alternatives

An article by our guest writer Max Wiseberg, MD and creator of organic drug-free allergen barrier balm HayMax, written for an Allergy Awareness Week, running from the 25th to the 29th of April 2022 in the UK.

Why I Believe It’s Important to Choose Organic Alternatives

Our choice of health products has impact on us and the environment, which is why we should be choosing organic alternatives to similar non-organic products. Allergy Awareness Week takes place from Monday 25th to Friday 29th April, promoting better awareness and understanding of allergy. Most options for hay fever, dust and pet allergy sufferers are non-organic and many contain pharmaceutical drugs. HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balm offers an organic and drug-free alternative.

I am a chronic hay fever sufferer and, tired of nothing working, I decided to create my own remedy. I developed what is now HayMax in my own kitchen. I decided to include organic ingredients in HayMax very early on. It’s not just that using the best ingredients produces the best product (just like when cooking a meal), but I knew that organic was good for the planet, too and our health too. I’m pleased to say that our very first of over 50 awards was for the Best Non Food Organic Product at the Natural Trade Show, back in 2006.

Image below: A range of HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balms.

Going organic is important to me, as it is better for the environment and for the soil, as there are no harmful chemicals used in the growing process. Organic also means free of genetically modified crops. In addition it helps maintain the level of biodiversity and helps encourage pollinators like bees. The surrounding community benefits as there is no toxic run-off from farms into local streams and rivers with organic farming and farmers aren’t exposed to pesticides.

Organically farmed produce is also usually not monocropped, i.e. planting one specific crop in a large area. Not monocropping means that there is more of a range of insects that can survive to work in harmony to promote healthy plants and healthy earth. And this means there is greater biodiversity.

Using organic products reduces the amount of chemicals your body is exposed to. Conventional products can contain chemical additives that can be harmful. However no artificial colours or preservatives are allowed in organic products.

Organic products aren’t grown with sewage sludge which can contain hormones and other toxic substances.

And organic farming also helps stop rising carbon dioxide levels, helping with climate change.

HayMax is classed as a medical device by the MHRA, so we are tightly regulated. There are very few other medical products which are organic, so we are proud to be leading the way. Wouldn’t it be great if GSK and the other large pharma companies started to follow our lead?

Guest Author Max Wiseberg, MD of HayMax

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