#FOODTALKS: How Can Food Help Us Address Climate Emergency & Injustice?

17 June 2021 (5:00pm - 6:30pm)

Online event

Join Food for Talk to consider how food can help us address climate emergency and injustice. What practical actions can we take - as individuals, in the organisations we’re involved in, and as part of a broader movement for fair food systems and a just world? Hear insights from expert speakers and share your own questions and views.
Food for Talks are brought to you by a partnership of the Food Ethics Council, Impact Hub Kings Cross, Organico, and London Food Link, part of Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming.

#FOODTALKS: How Can Food Help Us Address Climate Emergency & Injustice?

This talk speakers includes:

Raj Patel

film-maker (writer and co-director of ‘The Ants & The Grasshopper’), academic and author or co-author of books including Stuffed and Starved: Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World's Food System and A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things: A Guide to Capitalism, Nature, and the Future of the Planet (and described as “the rock star of social justice writing”);

Harriet Lamb

CEO of Ashden, climate solutions in action, plus co-author of ‘From Anger to Action’ (which tells the stories of the citizens’ movements tackling the biggest global challenges of our times); former Chief Executive of the Fairtrade Foundation.

  1. Emily Bohobo N'Dombaxe Dola

Storytelling Director, Youth4Nature, with a particular focus on policy and advocacy issues around livelihoods and food systems, adaptation and resilience, and intersectionality and just transition.

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