Organic News: June 2023

Mr Organic's the Organic Family Foundation; Helen Browning's BBQ Meat Boxes; Helen Browning's Specialist Cooks’ Cuts - larger joints for cooking for a crowd

Organic News: June 2023

Mr Organic: The Organic Family Foundation

In 2022, the Organic Family Foundation became a registered charity with Valerio, Raks, Fiona and Megan as its trustees, and support from the wider organic family.

Mr Organic (The Organic Family ltd) has committed to donate 5% of it’s profits to the Organic Family Foundation and other charitable projects. Partnering with four core charities close to the hearts of their team, they focus on local charities which everyone can get involved with and share positivity and support.

The Organic Family Foundation supports:

  • Planet. The planet continues to experience the threat of climate change, exacerbated by the actions of humans. The Organic Family Foundation believe in working together, to take small steps towards conserving the planet for generations to come.
  • People. Millions of people in the UK and further afield regularly go hungry. The Organic Family Foundation work in partnership with others to relieve hunger and promote the importance of food education, for a healthy, long and fulfilled life.
  • Animals. The Organic Family Foundation believe in compassion, life and empowerment of animals and ultimately a cruelty free planet. They raise awareness and support likeminded charities.

For more information contact Mr Organic team.

Helen Browning's BBQ Meat Boxes

Helen Browning's have 3 popular BBQ boxes (small, medium, large) to showcase their range of organic retail products from sustainable farming. They also have the 'Taste of' Box for BBQ without the hassle! Alongside these Helen Browning's offer full range of BBQ meats to build your own box plus everything from sustainable charcoal to organic hot sauce, all you need for a great party.

Helen Browning's Specialist Cooks’ Cuts - larger joints for cooking for a crowd

Premium organic slow-bred whole Pork Shoulder and Flat beef Sirloin at excellent prices for the home cook!

An exciting product for home cooks and BBQ fans – whole organic pork shoulder with/without rind. Also known as Boston Butt, slow-growing pasture reared pork shoulder from Helen’s rare-breed Saddleback pigs have a generous fat coating, ideal for slow cooking. Well flavoured and succulent, the meat remains moist with a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

If you’re hosting a BBQ, you know a slow cooked shoulder will give you the meatiest bang for your buck. These perfectly fatty and super flavourful hefty cuts will yield the best pulled pork on the planet. And plenty of it!

But maybe you’re not having a party but you still want a stash of delicious pulled pork – for tacos, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, chili, burrito bowls (the list is long!). That is why Helen Browning's love to oven cook a pork shoulder with a classic dry rub – and you don’t even need to worry about the weather. Cook in one whole piece, cut into smaller chunks for a shorter oven time (or use a slow-cooker) then simply freeze in 500g cooked portions and you’ll have pulled pork for an endless variety of quick weekend recipes. Quick, quick, slow pork chilli in 30 mins? Crispy Nachos? Helen Browning's have you covered …

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