Organic news: November 2023

British heritage beauty brand Odylique expands its makeup range with the launch of two unique organic-certified foundations.

Organic news: November 2023

Odylique - Combining genuine skincare and makeup, specifically designed for sensitive skin

Best known for its expertise in treating sensitive and problem skin, British heritage brand and organic beauty pioneer Odylique, is bridging the gap between skincare and makeup by launching two new foundations designed specifically for sensitive skin.

Following five years of development, 15 formulations and hundreds of volunteer tests, Odylique is excited to be launching two unique foundations certified organic by the Soil Association – Natural Foundation and Cream Foundation.

Both foundation formulations are genuinely comprised of both skincare and makeup and offer a far higher content of nourishing skincare ingredients than most competitors on the market.

The Cream Foundation boasts 80% active botanical skincare ingredients and the Natural Foundation 66%.

As with all other products in the Odylique range, both products are made from 100% natural ingredients. Each range features 12 shades and while both are light-medium, they can be layered in textures that can be layered to provide more coverage and can also be easily mixed to create bespoke tones.

Cream Foundation (Shop here)

● Rich nourishing cream texture that provides soothing and effective coverage

● A water-free, buildable foundation that gives a beautiful, even-toned satin finish

● Best for very dry skin, including skin prone to eczema, rosacea and/or psoriasis

● Rich in Karanja oil, which contains antioxidant and UV-blocking flavonoids

● Boosted by zinc oxide offering UV protection SPF25 and repairing properties for problem skin.

● Potent extracts of organic pomegranate, rosemary and chamomile are antioxidant and soothing, while raw shea butter and high oleic sunflower oil provide vitamin-rich moisture.

Natural Foundation (Shop here)

● Water-based formula that provides a weightless satin skin finish.

● Hydrating formulation that can either be layered for more coverage, but can also be mixed with moisturiser for an even more natural finish in the style of a skin tint

● Suitable for all skin types including skin prone to eczema, rosacea and/or psoriasis

● Enriched with phytocollagen, a vegan, plant-derived collagen (sourced from acacia trees) with proven efficacy for skin hydration, elasticity, and improving barrier function. It not only helps the skin protect itself but also smoothes out fine lines.

● Additional pro-collagen ingredients include highly concentrated extracts of organic aloe leaf, pomegranate and rosehip with their wealth of antioxidant vitamins and essential fatty acids, as well as soothing properties.

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