Organic wines made in the UK

A fascinating journey through the rich history of English winemaking, celebrating its ancient Roman roots and its revival in the 20th century.

Organic wines made in the UK

Wine has a remarkable history in England, dating back centuries to the Romans who first planted vines in the south of the country in the 1st century AD, and through the Middle Ages, when English wines were cherished throughout Europe.

Today, England boasts over 600 commercial vineyards, with wine production extending across the nation, particularly flourishing in Sussex, Kent, and Hampshire. Popular grape varieties include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Bacchus.

Beyond sparkling wines, England also offers an array of still wines, from reds crafted primarily from Pinot Noir grapes to whites typically made from Chardonnay or Bacchus grapes.

Why English wine is different?

Characterised by their freshness and fruitiness, English wines stand out due to the cooler climate in England, resulting in slower grape ripening, higher acidity, and lower alcohol levels.

English wine comes with a premium price tag, attributed to the higher production costs associated with smaller vineyards and the unpredictable English climate. However, the quality and distinctive flavour profile of English wines make them well worth the investment. The English wine industry continues to flourish, with growing popularity not only in England but also on the global stage.

English organic vineyards

Albury Organic Vineyard

Albury Organic Vineyard - is a small, family-run biodynamic vineyard located in the beautiful Surrey Hills.

They are committed to producing organic fruit without the use of chemicals such as herbicides and fungicides, and produce English wine of the highest quality; a still rosé and quality sparkling wines.

Albury Vineyard is situated on the southern slopes of the North Downs in the beautiful Surrey Hills, just outside Guildford on the A25 towards Dorking.

The vines are the traditional Champagne varietals of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, as well as some Seyval and Pinot Gris.


Oxney Organic Estate

Oxney Organic Estate - the largest single-estate producer of English organic wine. Their wines sit on well-draining sand and silt loam, teeming with the microbial life essential to organic grape growing.

Every year they nurture those busy microorganisms with compost and farmyard manure from cattle grazing on pasture land within our wider organic farm estate.

Oxney vineyard work focuses on promoting natural disease resistance and vigour in our vines. Cover crops, natural sprays, careful canopy management and manual and mechanical weed control all result in stronger vines and healthier grapes.


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