Arla are a farmer-owned dairy cooperative and the world’s largest producer of organic dairy milk, butter and cheese.

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Arla is the world’s largest producer of organic dairy products. They have 95 organic farms located across the UK. Arla is owned by the same dairy farmers that supply our milk, so every step we take, from farm to fridge, is focused on one ambition - to leave the farms, the food and the world around us in even better shape for the next generation.

Arla are committed to providing healthy, natural and safe food to the world's growing population, in a sustainable way. Our organic milk is sourced from British family farms, committed to the highest standards of animal welfare. Our organic cows are truly free-range, free to roam and graze on a grass-rich diet, free of chemical fertilisers andGM-ingredients. herbicides/weedkillers

Arla organic famers aim to minimise disruption to the natural environment, utilising , crop rota-tion, well-timed cultivation and a careful selection of crop varieties to encourage soil fertility.

Our organic milk goes to supply Yeo Valley, McDonald’s, and many retailer own-label ranges.

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