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Community Foods Ltd are experts in sourcing organic dried fruit, nuts, seeds and pulses from all over the world.

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Organic and sustainability are at the heart of Community Foods since over 40 years

Community Foods long believed in the benefits of organic farming. In the 1980’s they helped set up projects to ensure sustainable organic supply chains for many of the raw materials they still supply today including apricots, sultanas, figs and lentils.

Community Foods organic own brands include

  • Crazy Jack Organic
  • Tarantella

Their BRC A** accredited 80,000 sq ft packing and warehousing facility in Witham, Essex, is built to meet clients demands and is rigorously managed 24/7 to maintain their exacting standards.

Organic is Community Food's strength

Community Foods' strength in organic sourcing led them to create Crazy Jack - a range of dried fruits and nuts for baking and snacking in the 1990’s, and more recently Tarantella - an organic range of tinned tomato staples.

Tarantella has a real Italian passion for food and take personal pride in bringing you the very best quality organic tomatoes. Tarantella tomatoes are raised by Mother Nature with help from the rich Italian soil and hot Mediterranean sun; harvested when they are ripe and juicy, its why Tarantella tomatoes taste so delicious! The Tarantella range is recognised for their rich, thick, tomato juice; proving a great base for inspired Italian cooking. Sourced from the Salerno region in the heart of Italy, Tarantella products are organically produced with no additives, fertilisers or pesticides and GM Free.

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