Hay Fever? Dust or Pet Allergies? HayMax Organic Allergen Barrier Balms trap allergens before they get in. Prevention, not Cure. Simples!

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Max Wiseberg is a long-term hay fever sufferer who had tried most products with limited or no success – until he discovered unique prevention for himself which he made in his own kitchen. When other sufferers said it worked better than pharmaceuticals they were using for their hay fever in trials, it gave him the confidence to start marketing it – and in 2005 the organic allergen barrier balm, HayMax, was born.

HayMax award winning organic allergen barrier balms are certified organic and vegetarian and are free from chemicals, nano beads and artificial perfumes.

It’s all about prevention rather than cure. Applying the balm invisibly to the bottom of the nostrils and around (but not in) the eyes stops a proportion of the allergen from getting into the body. Customers say this reduces or, in some cases, even eliminates the effects of the allergen. Because it’s drug-free and non-drowsy it’s suitable for everyone including pregnant and breast-feeding mums and children.

HayMax is an ethical company and the product itself is eco-friendly and certified organic. Max explains why he decided to include organic ingredients, “When you cook a meal, better ingredients give you a better meal. So I applied the same principle to HayMax and decided to use the best ingredients. Buying organic also means free-range, fair trade, top class husbandry, lower levels of pesticides and no manufactured herbicides or artificial.

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