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Over the last 30 years James White amassed a huge amount of experience, and they've got plenty more juice to press!

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James White Drinks started in 1990 pressing and bottling individual varieties of English apples – Bramley, Cox and Russet. We started bottling organic apple and pear juices in 1994 expanding into pressing organic carrot and beetroot juices, the latter for our Beet It organic beetroot juice range. Being based in Suffolk, we are fortunate that we are able to source most of our beetroots in particular from growers locally in the East of England.


Our beetroot juice, has been used for most of the research worldwide into the benefits of dietary nitrate derived from beetroot juice. With new findings published every month, it is no wonder that our Beet It shots are used by so many of the worlds sporting elite.


We now bottle a wide range of organic apple, pear and vegetable juices that are just bursting with flavour! Our Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juices are certified by the Soil Association who set very high standards for the growers to meet. We often have difficulties obtaining all the ingredients that we need but we’ve persevered and the range is now wonderfully varied.


Our organic Zinger range are little shots with a big spice kick. A healthier alternative to caffeine for that wake up hit.

Packed full of simple and high quality ingredients zinger shots are not only vegan and gluten free, they also contain no added sugar and are free from preservatives and artificial colours.

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