Natracare’s award-winning organic pads, liners, tampons, wipes and maternity products are made with natural materials and are free from plastics, perfumes and chlorine.

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Natracare was launched by Susie Hewson in 1989, creating the world's first organic period products designed to protect the health of people who menstruate and the environment. Natracare award winning organic pads, liners, tampons and wipes are made with natural, biodegradable materials, free from plastics, perfumes and chlorine to ensure there are no harsh, irritating ingredients or materials used.

Natracare products are made with 100% certified organic cotton and therefore protect the livelihood, homes and health of workers where materials are grown or processed. Natracare aims to look after the soil, water, air and biodiversity, whilst providing safe products for sensitive and intimate areas that are free from chemicals of concern.

Natracare doesn’t just stop at revolutionising period care.

The empowerment of people, sustainability, and ethics are at the forefront of the brand, from campaigning for destigmatised and inclusive language surrounding periods, to supporting systemic change with their 1% for the Planet membership. Susie Hewson started Natracare as a campaign in the 80’s, and to this day, the company continues to fight for the better.

Have you ever wondered about your tampon fibre loss? Watch this short video to learn why it is best to avoid unnecessary fibre loss by choosing organic tampons with only long-fibre cotton:

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