NATRUE is the label you can trust - protecting and promoting natural and organic cosmetics worldwide.

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Who are NATRUE?

The NATRUE Label represents a reliable, verifiable and internationally applicable benchmark for authentic natural and organic beauty products from committed brands and manufacturers all around the world. There are currently over 6,600 NATRUE certified finished cosmetic products available in the market worldwide. (update: January 2023)

Gurantees for consumers

  • Staying close to nature. NATRUE’s certified products are made up only of 100% natural, derived natural and nature-identical substances.
  • Meeting consumer expectations. No substances from GMOs, silicones, parabens, microplastics, synthetic fragrances or mineral oils are permitted in the formulation of products carrying the NATRUE Label.
  • Different levels, same guarantees. Cosmetic products can be certified with the NATRUE Label as natural or organic cosmetics. For the organic certification level, at least 95% of the natural substances or the derived natural substances must come from certified organic farming.

Formulation examples of different product categories

Differences between NATRUE and other label schemes

  • Binding commitment against greenwashing. The NATRUE seal is not granted on a product-by-product basis: it is only granted to a brand or sub-brand committed to the production of natural and organic cosmetics (NATRUE’s 75% rule).
  • Part-natural, part-synthetic ingredients are not allowed. NATRUE does not allow the use of substances such as Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride and Cocamidopropyl Betaine (used in hair care products) in the formulation of products carrying NATRUE’s seal.
  • External and impartial certification process. NATRUE does not certify products itself. Any product aiming to be certified with the NATRUE Label must undergo a third-party certification process carried out by an accredited NATRUE Approved Certifiers (NACs).

An international benchmark against greenwashing for producers

  • NATRUE’s 75% rule. For a product to carry the NATRUE Label, at least 75%* of the products of its brand or sub-brand need to be NATRUE certified to be granted our seal.
  • Respecting product’s uniqueness. NATRUE distinguishes 13 product categories to guarantee maximum levels of natural and organic content acknowledging the different functions of each product category.
  • Focus on natural and organic content. For NATRUE, only water coming from a plant source is considered as a natural substance in the formulation. Added water does not contribute to the overall natural content calculation.

How to identify NATRUE?

Easy, look at the logo on-pack! Or look for NATRUE-certified products on NATRUE’s database.

If I am a brand producer or manufacturer, how can I get the NATRUE certification?

Follow this guide.

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On 23rd November, NATRUE celebrates the International Day of Natural Cosmetics

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