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Organic Arable is a producer group of organic cereal growers and UK's only wholly organic grain business.

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Organic Arable is the only grain marketing company in the UK that is solely dedicated to trading in organic cereals.

Established 22 years ago, we are a limited company owned by farming members for whom we are ambitious in securing consistent contracts. We believe in building long-term trading relationships between farmers and buyers forged by mutual trust and commitment. Our business model is different as we charge a stated, transparent commission for selling grain which sets us apart from a traditional merchant and this encourages better communication along the supply chain. As well as an increasing number of new entrants into the developing organic sector, many of the farms we work with are amongst the most long established and highly regarded organic arable producers in the country.

Customers can be assured of the UK provenance of the grain we market!

The grain we market is fully traceable and certified. The high quality of our cereals is sought after by premium brands for milling wheat, porridge oats and malting varieties of barley. The provenance of the grain we sell is important so that consumers can be confident about the environmental credentials and quality of what they are spending their money on. Because we are run for our farmers’ benefit and not shareholder value, consumers can be confident it is the farmers not the intermediary that benefits from our work. We put our money where our mouth is as we budget to reinvest approximately 20% of our profits in sector development and technical research to support the organic cereal sector.

Organic farmers have a reputation for innovation, and they are dedicated to improving soil health and biodiversity. Organically managed land is acknowledged to nurture 30% more biodiversity than alternative farming methods and their capacity to sequester carbon and offset green-house gases is of ever more importance and relevance.

Increasingly, as food shoppers, we need to know that what we buy to eat is nutritious, produced with care to high standards, and that the impact it has on our environment, climate, soil, water and animal welfare is fully addressed and that improvements are constantly sought. Organic Arable members have this agenda at the heart of their farming methods which we believe aligns with the consumers’ wants and we are keen to foster better access through the supply chain to and Organic Arable is very proud to represent them.

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